what you can control during the coronavirus pandemic is your ability to take care of your legal affairs.  terri spigelmyer and andy haas can help you create your simple will within 48 hours, and can work with you over the telephone.

Explore how Attorneys Andy Haas and Terri Spigelmyer can help you through your most challenging times. 


We offer a full range of legal representation in a relaxed, local office. 

We have been a part of the Homer community for oVER 30 years. 


Criminal Defense



IIf you are accused of a crime, you deserve a good lawyer with experience and should consider the following:  Andy Haas has spent over twenty-five years working as a defense attorney on the Kenai Peninsula, during which time he has handled a wide variety of felonies and misdemeanors, ranging from DUI to domestic violence and assault, to allegations of drug use or distribution, sexual assault and murder.


Andy Haas will use this experience to work for you.  He can evaluate the evidence in your case; determine the strength and weaknesses of in a criminal case; and help you achieve the best possible outcome.  He can help you address a very difficult situation as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Being accused of a crime is an often stressful and frustrating, but it can be addressed and overcome.  For that reason, it’s important not to leave your selection of a criminal defense attorney to chance.



Family Law


Family law encompasses many legal issues that families face: adoption, divorce, co-parenting, and custody. 


Parenting Plan Facilitation:

As management of cases involving children evolves in our court system, parenting plan facilitation has been identified as a primary need in family cases involving co-parenting of minor children.  Terri has extensive experience and success in bringing parents together to focus on the difficult reality of raising children in two households. 


Family Law Consultations:

With over 30 years of legal experience in family law, Terri will provide a comprehensive and custom consultation to help you decide the best path forward for you and your family.


Adoptions/Stepparent Adoptions:

Attention to detail is critical for a successful and ironclad adoption proceeding, particularly in adoptions subject to the Indian Child Welfare Act.   Terri has been successfully representing adopting parents for over 30 years in Alaska.


ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) cases:

Terri has been representing clients in cases involving the Indian Child Welfare Act since 1992.  Case experience includes child protection cases as well as adoptions of Alaska Native children.


Guardian ad litem:

Terri has been appointed by the Alaska Court to act as guardian ad litem for minor children involved in divorce and custody cases.  In addition, Terri has acted as guardian ad litem for children removed from their homes in child protection cases by OCS (Office of Children’s Services)


Juvenile Delinquency:

Youth who have been accused of a crime are handled uniquely in our juvenile justice system.  Terri has represented juveniles throughout her career, and is well versed in the various outcomes and programs available to youth who find themselves in the juvenile justice system.


If you are facing a legal situation and would like to learn more before speaking with an attorney, please explore the information found here: 




Terri Spigelmyer provides mediation services and facilitation in any area of dispute. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process through which participants explore concerns and solutions with the guidance of a neutral mediator until agreement is reached. Facilitation is usually used in larger groups where the planning or dispute resolution goals are complicated by the number of participants. 


Terri is the Lead Mediator for the Alaska Court System, sharing responsibility for administering the Court System's mediation programs , developing and facilitating monthly trainings in each court program, and supervising all state court contract mediators.  She has been a court contract mediator for the Alaska Court System statewide in the child custody and visitation program, guardianship program, and child protection program for over 20 years, and a mentor for the Alaska Court mediation programs since the inception of the mentor program in 2007.   


Areas of Mediation Experience include:


                Family: Divorce, custody, parent-teen, guardianship, child protection

                Large group facilitation

                Inter-agency dispute mediation

                Civil dispute mediation



If you are facing a legal situation and would like to learn more before speaking with an attorney, please explore the information found here: 



Estate Plans, Wills, Guardianship, and Conservatorship



Both attorneys have been helping clients with legacy planning for decades in Homer.  We restrict our services to assisting clients with simple wills, including reciprocal wills between spouses.  


This law firm has the contract with the State of Alaska, Office of Public Advocacy, to provide legal services for Respondents in Guardianship petitions as well as Conservatorship petitions.  In addition, this firm represents the Ward in Minor Guardianship petitions.  If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from the appointment of a guardian or conservator, please schedule an appointment to discuss your options.






Same-sex partners have hard-won all of the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of marriage. Since 1998, when Andy Haas worked on the Alaska right to marry case, we have had years of experience protecting same-sex individuals and families through creative estate planning tailored to your personal circumstances. 

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